Welcome to Ladies Workout Express Swinton, Manchester

At Ladies Workout Express we have a range of fitness and exercise equipment designed exclusively for women. Our fitness and weight loss centre offers a highly specialised workout in a supportive environment created to help you reach and maintain your fitness goals.

6 Week Summer Membership for £49

Call 0161 401 0794 to book an induction

Offer expires 31.7.14


Ladies Workout Express is quite different from traditional gyms. Our equipment is hydraulic, which means you can combine both cardiovascular and strength training in one highly effective 30-minute workout. So not only will you improve your fitness, but you’ll also tone and shape your body. The equipment itself is easy to use which means no avoiding machines because you don’t know how to use them!

We pride ourselves on the level of support that we give to our members. That starts as soon as you walk through the door, when we sit you down with a cup of tea and then have a chat about what you want to achieve, what’s important to you and any concerns that you may have about starting an exercise programme.

All new members go into our 6 week “Fast Start” programme. This includes a full induction to show you how to use all the equipment, with follow-up instruction as necessary. You will be introduced to all the staff and other members right at the start, so that you can feel at home straight away. We work with you to clarify your goals and take initial measurements, including weight, body fat and blood pressure, and then we review your progress after 3 and 6 weeks. You’ll also get a thorough dietary assessment, with advice tailored to your own circumstances.  Over the next few weeks, we will introduce you to all the things that you can do in the club; that means you can be confident that you will be able to get the results that you want.