Articles for the Month of August 2013

Boot Camp


Bootcamps are becoming the hot new thing to do when it comes to keeping fit; some are more gruelling than others, but they all have the same goal at the end; for you to achieve your desired fitness goal – whether that’s to improve your athletic performance, hone a lean, toned body or lose weight.

The bootcamp classes are designed to help you increase your fitness & strength, burn fat and lose weight through tougher fitness tactics. Originating from the military training styles, bootcamps can challenge you to some of the most intense fitness exercises that will get hearts pumping and bodies sweating. They have been proven to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight (along with a healthy diet) and you can encourage your friends to join too, giving you that extra bit of motivation needed.

We understand that some people can feel put off or reluctant to sign up to a bootcamp. They carry the impression that there will be a fitness instructor who is built like a brick house, shouting in your face and making you forfeit if you are unable to complete a task or lose. This is not the case, the instructor is simply there to encourage and motivate you along the way. They will give you that extra push because they know that you can do it, but they can also tell when you’re struggling.

The Ladies Workout Express gym in Swinton aims to ensure that all of our members who sign up to our bootcamp feel relaxed, confident and are having fun. We’ll design a programme that is suited for everyone and the only ‘shouting’ that our instructors will be doing, is telling you how amazing you’re doing.

So if you’re bored of your normal day to day workouts and don’t feel like you’re achieving the results that you hoped, then sign yourself up to a bootcamp. Keep an eye out for future bootcamps from the number one ladies gym in Swinton.


100% British BBQ


With us Britons finally having a summer that we can enjoy, it’s understandable that BBQs are everywhere to be seen. We’ve all pulled them out of the garden shed, dusted off the cobwebs and given them a good clean. We love a good BBQ here at the ladies gym in Swinton, but we’re also guilty of over indulging!

BBQ’s seem like a healthier option to cooking food and in reality they are, but we do tend to pile up our plates and go back for further helpings; but who can blame you? Everything tastes better on a BBQ! Nothing can really beat charcoaled meat, with a good helping of salad. However, saying all that a recent survey by Forza Supplements has revealed that on an average BBQ dinner, we can consume up to 3,000 calories, which means you’ll have to do a good workout down at the ladies gym!

90% of us Britons have had a BBQ this summer and according to the survey, 32% of those asked said beef burgers were the most popular choice of food. If you agree, then how about making homemade burgers and filling them up with ingredients so you get fuller quicker and for longer? This was closely followed by pork sausages, kebabs, steak, chicken drumsticks and lamb chops. Only 4% of those asked preferred fish on the BBQ. To accompany the delicious BBQ food comes the sides; potato salad, pasta salad, green salad, baked potatoes and even chips. Although this doesn’t seem so bad, carbs are a devil for calories, so try and limit the carby salads to just either potato or pasta, have light dressing on salads such as a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice. Fattening snacks are also a culprit and we all lay out the crisps and dips whilst we’re waiting for the men to serve up! I don’t think we need to mention the beer and wine that we all enjoy; we think you get the gist!

Now, we’re not saying you can’t enjoy a good British BBQ, but maybe have some alternatives. These can include homemade burgers, salads, chicken kebabs with vegetables, healthy dips, homemade potato or pasta salad that kind of thing.

So why not enjoy a BBQ with family and friends, as well as a good workout at this ladies gym in Swinton?


Popeye the Sailor Man!


If you’re like us, one of the first things to pop into your head when you think of spinach is Popeye. It’s inevitable. We all know what happened to Popeye whenever he cracked open a tin of spinach and emptied the contents in his mouth; he became full of strength and was invincible.

Spinach is high on the food chart for a nutrient boost and it is a great source of iron, plus it’s ridiculously healthy. It is also one of the only vegetables to provide additional benefits in keeping a healthy body. Did you know that just 120g of spinach can provide you with 20 nutrients?

As well as being a high source of iron, spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K, A and Calcium, helping to keep your bones strong and healthy, whilst fighting to prevent cancer. This leafy source is filled with antioxidants and can help to protect against age related memory loss, high blood pressure and can support healthy eyes.

There are various ways for you to cook spinach and the best thing is it only takes a couple of minutes. Just one cup of cooked spinach can provide you with 6.3mg of energy producing iron, making it a super workout food source. In fact, your body will require less oxygen when exercising and can repair muscle damage, which is a bonus.

Spinach is great in salads and in sauce-based dishes. We’ve picked out two healthy spinach dishes for you try out; one for a main meal and the other for lunch. Just click on the recipe name for the ingredients and cooking method.

  • Sweet Potato and Spinach Bake


So there you have it. The wonderful spinach! For more information about maintaining a healthy diet, just have a chat with one of our personal coaches next time you’re in the Ladies Workout Express Gym in Swinton.

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August Promotion!


With the recent success from our last summer offer, the Ladies Workout Express gym in Swinton has a fantastic new offer available and a competition!

You can grab yourself three month membership’s deal with us, for just £99 if you join this women’s only gym in Swinton during August. As well as this fantastic offer, Ladies Express is also giving away 3 months free gym membership!

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The Ladies Express Gym in Swinton is part of the biggest women’s only gym chain in America. We have specialised equipment that is suited to women of all ages and a range of group exercises classes to keep you focused and motivated.

Good luck with the competition!


What the celebrities are doing…

Ladies Gym

Celebrities are forever dieting; they are known for some of the craziest diets and their yoyo weight loss. We see them in all the magazines posing on the beach, flaunting their skinny and toned up bodies, acting like they haven’t seen the camera. Some celebrities are natural in the way their body looks, some train hard and others, well they take the “easy” option, but with consequences attached. We’ve seen them with a skeletal body frame, which is unattractive to anyone’s eye.
Most celebrities will have a stylist team behind them to make sure they look good; but what are celebrities eating or doing behind closed doors to keep them in shape? The Ladies Workout Express has found four of the latest celebrity diets that are fairly normal and doesn’t involve eating one apple a day!
GwynethGwyneth Paltrow is a hot favourite of ours. She always seems to maintain her body weight, through regular exercise and healthy eating. Her daughter is named Apple after all! Miss Paltrow pushes herself to an intense two hours workout on a daily basis to keep her looking sleek.







Caroline FlackMiss Caroline Flack, the Xtra Factor favourite. She is currently doing the ‘30 Day Squat Challenge’, which is more challenging than it seems. You start with 50 squats on day 1; gradually increasing to 250 on day 30 and have a 3 day rest in-between.







kateKaty Perry clearly loves mushrooms! She is doing “M-Plan” and swapping either lunch or dinner for a mushroom related one for 14 days. If you like mushroom and want to explore your meals, give it a go!







Khloe KardashianKhloe Kardashian is known for being a foodie and struggles to stick to a diet that she enjoys. She is following the Bethenny Frankel theory for losing weight and believes that you can eat what you want, but in moderation. So basically, reduce the amount of unwanted foods you eat.

There you have it; the latest celebrity diets. Here at the Ladies Workout Express, we aim to make sure that all of our members feel comfortable in the way that they look and being a women’s only gym helps to achieve this.
If you are looking to drop a few pounds, or lose a few inches here and there, have a word with our trainers about which is the most effective plan for you to follow.


Change 4 Life


As you’re probably aware, the NHS has put together a healthy lifestyle scheme, which is aimed at helping families eat healthy and stay active, without spending a fortune. We’re all aware that buying fresh fruit and vegetables can be expensive, and are not always feasible when you’re feeding a family; so the Change 4 Life is designed to educate families with some simple food swaps that can help to keep your healthy and active.
Having an active and healthy family doesn’t have to be boring. You can create your own fun activities together such as, walking the dog as a family, playing garden games etc…Here are a few simple ways for you cut back on unwanted, high in fat foods.
For breakfast, you can swap full fat milk to either skimmed or semi skimmed when having cereal. If you like your eggs in the morning then boil or poach them and avoid frying them. You can do the same with sausages and bacon; grill them instead of frying them (they taste a lot better too). It can be difficult to cook a meal for dinner that everyone is going to enjoy, so you don’t have to worry about cooking plain, grilled chicken with broccoli; you can still enjoy the family favourite spaghetti bolognaise, but use leaner mince and drain any excess fat. You could also make your own tomato sauce, which will contain less sugar than the readymade, swap the spaghetti to wholemeal (it tastes the same) and add a few extra ingredients in such as vegetables. It will help to bulk up the meal, therefore it will go further. Go for oven chips or homemade over chips with a drizzle of sunflower/ olive oil.
There are many ways in which you can help to lead a healthier lifestyle without forking out (no pun intended) on the weekly food shop. For more information on Change 4 Life, just head over to their website and pick up a few handy tips today. Don’t forget that the Ladies Workout Express gym in Swinton has a fantastic summer off on. Girls between the ages of 12-16 can use the gym for free during the summer holidays, which is a great way to help keep the family active.

If you have any questions or want some more information about the Ladies Workout Express women’s only gym in Swinton, just call us on 0161 794 6932 or pop into gym.