Articles for the Month of October 2013

You look fabulous darling!

6-weeek-weight-loss-challengeWe know, we know, we’ve been running a few weight loss courses recently at this ladies gym, but we’re almost entering the festive season and what better way to kick start your fitness regime than now!

With just 8 weeks to go until Christmas, the Ladies Workout Express gym in Swinton have put together a fun weight loss programme, which will get you geared up for Christmas. Do you know what best part of it is, putting aside all the support and advice that you will be receiving? You can bring your friends and family along too for free! This course is open to non-gym members and there is no catch either! Obviously we’d love it if your lady friends joined us though!

This 6 week weight loss challenge will involve weekly weight loss classes that are run at lunchtime or late evenings every Monday from 4th November to 9th December. You can book which class you’d prefer via our website under ‘classes’ or next time you’re at the gym. You’ll also receive nutritional advice and support along the way, as well as a personal wellness evaluation that includes tailored diet advice. There are only 20 spaces available per class, so you better book yourself on today before it’s too late!

If you would like to book your place for the lunchtime class, just click here; or if you’d prefer to attend the evening classes, click here.

We look forward to seeing you all at the gym soon and don’t forget to spread the word of this popular ladies gym in Manchester!


Losing weight and still being able to eat? Winner!

Losing weight can feel like a life challenge. We struggle with sticking to a healthy diet and tackling hunger pains, often or not that little devil that is sat on your left shoulder wins the food war. You’ve seen our blogs about the weird diets that people will do in order to drop the pounds, but did you know that you can carry on eating normal healthy food and even the more enjoyable ones and still lose weight?

Hunger is one of the first obstacles that dieters need to combat. It can weaken your will power to stick to the diet and before you know it, these words come out of your mouth ‘I’ll start tomorrow’. However, there is a cure to this and it’s low G.I. foods. This food group is rather smart you know; G.I. measures the rate at which the body breaks down the sugars in carbs and absorbs the sugar into the bloodstream.

Unfortunately, Atkins has given carbs a bad name even though they’re an essential part to any balanced diet and remember that it’s fuel for your body. This doesn’t mean that all carbs are 100% good for you….There are good carbs and bad carbs, and some are downright hazardous to long-term health.

GI foods range in ratings. High GI foods encourage blood sugar levels to rise quickly and fall quickly, which is quickly followed by hunger cravings. On the other end of the scale, low GI foods release sugar into the bloodstream more slowly, meaning those hunger cravings are kept to a minimum and energy levels stay stable.

Of course with losing weight comes exercise and the Ladies Workout Express gym in Swinton can help you achieve your desired weight loss goals. Feeling confident is a crucial part of wanting to lose weight and this is one of the reasons why being a member of a dominating ladies gym in Manchester is the way forward.

There aren’t that many ladies gyms in Manchester, but we have found that they are becoming more popular. Why not visit the Ladies Workout Express gym in Swinton and take a look around. We have some great weight loss courses, a wellness evaluation program, as well as great classes!

Look out for details of our free weight loss challenge starting next month – it’s open to member and non-members.


Juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

We do love telling you about the latest diets that are flying about and they never seem to shock us; well they do because most of them are ridiculous! It’s mind boggling that we tend to follow the latest diet craze because celebrities have been known to do it and have success stories. Personally, take this with a pinch of salt and talk to a professional about which is the best way for you to diet and lose weight. The Ladies Workout Express gym in Swinton have a wealth of knowledge in weight loss and wellness, which is why we’re one of the most popular ladies gyms in Manchester.

So, the latest diet that we came across was highlighted on Channel 5, where one man lost six stone in 60 days by just consuming juice for his meals every day. Pretty hard to believe isn’t it that someone can survive on this. The juices aren’t the everyday juices that we would drink in the morning; it consists of cucumber, kale, ginger, celery and apples. We can imagine your energy levels dropping ever so slightly on this diet and it probably wouldn’t be advisable to complete a full workout afterwards, especially if you’re signed up to our Fit Camp!

With us being a ladies gym in Manchester, we understand how women think when it comes to their appearance, especially with Christmas coming up. We have a fantastic ‘Drop a Dress Size before Christmas’ course available, which is perfect for you ladies if you want to drop a few pounds in time for the festive season!

If you’re looking to join a ladies gym in Manchester or want some more information on dieting and losing weight, just get in contact with us and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Drop a dress size by Christmas!

It’s just 11 weeks until Christmas and we ladies want to wear that ‘wow’ dress at the office Christmas party. We all want to look good and feel great during this time of year; indulging in guilty pleasure food over Christmas is something that we all can’t help but do. ‘Being good’ by eating healthy is a task that we try to do over the coming weeks, so come Christmas Day, we can go all out, guilt free. It’s only after Christmas week that we start to feel guilty because, we’ve eaten our way into a coma! But, it’s allowed for this time of year!

The Ladies Workout Express gym in Swinton wants to help you achieve your desired dress size and we have a fabulous new offer available, just for you ladies; ‘Drop a Dress Size’.

Our ‘Drop a Dress Size’ course will help you drop a few pounds and inches here and there. We’ll have a team of experts who will be available to offer you free advice along the way, ensuring that your dream dress will be yours. The programme will include:

  • ·         Individual tailored diet advice


  • ·         Six 1-2-1 consultations


  • ·         Women only


  • ·         Weekly weight loss classes


  • ·         Unlimited 30 minutes workouts

Not all women gyms in Manchester will offer you the promotions that we do. If you want more help in dropping a dress size, then we also have a women’s only Fit Camp available for you join.

So, if you’re looking to drop a dress size and look radiant for Christmas, and be the talk of the night, then book yourself onto our ‘Drop a Dress Size’ course today, or next time you’re down at our club, have a chat with us.

Book your place today before it’s too late!


Don’t waste your pounds on fad diets

Diets, diets, diets; that one word that we all frown at, but feel the pressure in losing weight. Dieting shouldn’t be something that we feel we have to do; it should be something that you want to do. Seeing lifeless, skinny women isn’t great and it certainly shouldn’t be what we all aspire to be like. Behind the skin and bones, is sometimes a life of dieting misery where someone is eating a pitiful of amount of food in order to drop the pounds quickly. But does it work? In the short run maybe, but not in the long run. If confidence is the reason behind wanting to lose weight, then joining a ladies gym in Manchester is a step in the right direction.

There are hundreds of diets out there and you wouldn’t believe that half of them are true! Women will go to extreme lengths and use laxatives to diet, and this is quite a risky business! We can’t imagine eating baby food or sticking to cabbage soup diet as your main meals, day in, day out; sounds appetising! If you think they sound bad, how does eating vegetables for dinner sound or eating something that you know will make you sick? Not great is it?

These fad diets can do more harm to your body than you might realise. Do you lose weight quickly? Not necessarily. Losing weight is a long-term process that should be well managed and approached with care. A healthy balanced diet and regular exercise is key to losing weight. Here at The Ladies Workout Express gym, we don’t only have a team of dedicated and qualified trainers, but we also have a wellness programme available.

There aren’t a lot of ladies gyms in Manchester and that is why we take a strong interest in all of our members. The atmosphere down at our club is friendly, welcoming and chilled. In fact, we’re all on first name terms!

Have a chat with us today for more information on dieting and joining the number one ladies gym.