A year from now quote croppedThat’s a great quote by Karen Lamb, and we’ve put it on our Facebook page to provoke a bit of thought.

It’s so true isn’t it? How many times have you intended to start something – a weight loss diet, exercise programme, pension plan – but somehow not got around to it? A year goes by and you are a year further away from your goal.

What is it that you want to achieve now, that you haven’t yet started? Imagine it’s a year from now and you did start today. What would you be feeling? Compare that with how you will feel if you don’t start.

There’s a great book out there by Jeff Olson, called “The Slight Edge”. It explains how the little decisions we make every day compound over time to make us successful or unsuccessful. These are all easy things to do, but most importantly, very easy not to do. If we do them, over time our health, fitness, career or finances improve. If we don’t, then almost imperceptibly, gravity and the march of time lead us down the path we were hoping to avoid.

We like to tell the story of two friends, both  aged 20, and both fit and healthy. The first friend eats healthily and exercises regularly. The second prefers to sit on the sofa watching soaps and eating takeaways. After a week, there is no outer difference between the two. Still none after a few weeks. After a few months the first friend is vibrant and glowing with good health while the second friend is a few pounds heavier and lacks energy.

Fast forward a few years, and the first friend is regularly running 10Ks and looking sleek and strong. The second hates the way she looks and lacks self-confidence.

In their sixties, the first friend looks and acts like a 50 year old. She rarely gets ill and is making the most of life. The second is several stones overweight, has type 2 diabetes and is suffering with joint problems, which severely restrict what she can do with her granchildren.

Which path are you on?

The good news is that you can start making the right choices now, and in a few weeks they will have become habits that can last a lifetime. You can start small, embed those habits, and then add more. Over time, you will totally change the direction you are heading in.

So, ask yourself, are you ready to start today?