Should you exercise or diet to lose weight?

Diet or Exercise - what works best?

Diet or Exercise – what works best?

Here we are a month into 2014 and are you managing to lose weight?

Gyms across the country were jammed full of new members last month as lots of hopeful people put their new year resolutions into action. By now though, many have already have dropped off their attendance, and handed the gym floor back to the regulars.

So what went wrong? In most cases it’s down to unrealistic expectations. Losing weight isn’t easy and it isn’t quick, and half a dozen trips to the gym won’t cut it. So what is the answer?

As an industry, we only have ourselves to blame. We peddle the idea that a gym membership is the way to lose weight, when mathematics proves that it isn’t that simple..

What do we mean by that? Well, in order to lose a pound of fat, we have to burn off 3500 calories. For an averagely-fit, normal weight person, that would mean jogging for an hour, six times a week. Anyone starting out on an exercise programme is going to find that nigh on impossible, and so the eagerly anticipated results won’t come.

Contrast that with following a calorie-restricted diet. Saving just 500 calories a day ie cutting down 20-25% of normal intake, equates to a loss of a pound a week – hopefully of fat. To lose 2lbs of fat a week would mean roughly halving calorie intake, which for most people is unsustainable and often unhealthy.

So does that mean you should forget the gym and just join a slimming club to lose weight?

Absolutely not! By far and away the healthiest and most effective way to lose weight -and maintain that loss for the long term – is to combine exercise with a healthy weight loss diet. Exercise may not burn as many calories as you would like, but it’s the way it makes you feel that matters. By exercising regularly you will feel more healthy and in control, and will therefore find it a lot easier to follow a calorie-restricted healthy eating plan.

At Ladies Workout Express, we understand about the interplay between exercise and diet, so we will give you nutritional advice tailored to your own goals. Plus our 30 minute workout is designed to burn up to 500 calories, and to carry on burning calories for another 24-48 hours.

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