What benefits should you expect when you start to exercise regularly?

Everyone is different, but here are the sorts of results we see at Ladies Workout Express all the time:


After 10 days…..


You’ll likely have more energy, be sleeping better and generally feel more in control of your life. You may be motivated to eat more healthily, or cut down on cigarettes or alcohol intake as you start to realise the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.


After 30 days….


Your fitness levels will have improved – you’ll be able to take the stairs more easily, your resting heart rate will have come down and your blood pressure reduced if it was high.


You’ll start noticing changes in your shape – your clothes will fit better or even become loose. You may have lost a pound or two – especially if you’re combining exercise with a weight loss diet.


After 3 Months….


You’ll be suffering from fewer colds and aches and pains.


People will start to ask if you’ve lost weight. You may have to invest in smaller clothing sizes. You’ll be feeling a lot happier and more confident. If weight loss was your goal, you’ll be making good progress.


After 12 Months….


Your risk of heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, dementia and certain cancers will have reduced dramatically. You’ll have slowed your body’s ageing process and given yourself more years of active life.


You’ll be fitter, stronger and more self-confident than you’ve ever been!


If fitness is your destination – welcome to the journey!!